simone elisabete

February Round-Up

Trying to be more on time for this month’s round-up! january edition

Highlights of the month




Anatomy of a Fall is strong contender for my favorite movie of the year and we’re still at the beginning of 2024! Everything about it is perfect, the plot, the acting, the pacing, the dog. Also good but ofuscated by my admiration for Anatomy of a Fall were: Pleasure and The Worst person in the World. Also I've come to the conclusion that Adele Exarchopoulos always makes me want to watch any movie she’s in. anatomy of a fall and zero fucks given

TV Shows

Things continue very unhurried on the streaming front. Currently going slowly through Seinfeld (season 3), Bodies and True Beauty, all on Netflix.


MGMT has a new album and it’s as MGMTesque as you could ask for. And Arctic Monkeys’s AM was often on repeat. How very early 2010s of me!


nature and stuff

I made a post about it, but to summarise, I’ve been enjoying a lot going out and spending time close to nature, which is honestly something I didn't care for previously. Also, it’s summer, so that probably contributes to the outside energy. simone elisabete Do people still take panoramic photos?

web and stuff

I failed my own laid back goal to update this blog more frequently. Ideally, the more I post, the easier it would get to post often as I would become less attached to a great outcome. However I haven't reached that mindset yet so I'm still in the phase of worrying too much and posting too little.