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January Round-Up

I've seen some round-ups in the Bear community and I've really enjoyed them, so here's mine (a bit latter than originally planned)

Highlights of the month



This month was a film-heavy month because I found a cinema in the city that plays more alternative movies and I subscribed to Mubi (I've been meaning to for years, but always backed out due to streaming fatigue. In the end, it's the one I've been enjoying the most). Favorites movies of the month by letterboxd reviews I agree with:

TV Shows

I started the year watching a great docu-series called Vale o Escrito, about a brazilian entity called Jogo do Bicho. Pretty much our own mob. Besides it, I haven't really been into any TV shows as of late. I'm going through a very slow marathon of Seinfeld. The first time I'm going through all seasons correctly, and not just watching random episodes (not that it actually makes much of a difference).


I read 79 filmes pra assistir enquanto dirige and laughed a lot while reading it since it is brazilian humor at its finest. Also read Latim em pó which is about the evolution of the (brazilian) portuguese language. No idea when was the last time that I actually read two books on a row by brazilian authors, so that's nice.


Like in books, I consumed Brazilian music the most. I listened a lot to Bala Desejo and their 70s-tropicalia's Sim Sim Sim album. And also listened often to Tropical Nada (bought tickets to see them in two weeks!).



For the second year in a row I joined Easy German's 30-day-challenge. Basically, every day there would be a topic to write about (in german, of course) on the Discord group of membership patrons. It's a nice way to practice a bit of writing and something that I should do more consistently.


I also followed Adrienne's Flow - 30 Day Yoga Journey. I've been practicing Yoga at home for a while now, but it was my first time going through one of her 30-day programs. And like any other Yoga with Adrienne subscriber, I'm obsessed with Benji.

screenshots of the youtube channels easy german and yoga with adrienne

★ Overall a pretty good month! A nice mixture of quality time with others and quality time by myself. For sure could use with less overthinking in following months, but maybe I'm asking too much. ★