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March Round-Up

summer you will be missed!

Highlights of the month



Month for the artist within me with The Artist's Way and Steal Like an Artist, both books that I've been meaning to read for ages.
Since pandemic times, 2020/2021 I've been slowing going over my own complicated thoughts regarding art, drawing, creating and their relation (or, as of now, lack thereof) with productivity, wages and capitalism. It seems that only now I've been dealing with it in a more light mannered and staying far from perfectionism goals. That is, focusing on the process rather than the final result. I'm still working on it, but I feel I'm on a good path.

simone elisabete

Movies & TV

I might be biased when it comes to going to the movies, as my favorite movies this year were the ones I watched on the big screen. For March it was Zone of Interest. The cinematography impressed me so much! I also love movies that take their time and are not afraid of going slowly, though I understand how this is not for everyone.
I finished Bodies on Netflix, which was fun BUT one of those shows that at some point lose me because I don't understand an important plot point lol


My month started with me obsessed with O Terno's . I'd listen to it pretty much every chance I got. I'm not one to deeply connect with song's lyrics, but I feel that Tudo o Que eu Não Fiz speaks about things that I've been thinking about often. And Bielzinho / Bielzinho is just a goddamn joy. Name another band that has a song about how their drum player is just a really fun person and great dummer.


year goal

I was much succint on goals this year, in a way because I mostly wanted to just continue habits I began the last or previous years but also because I don't want to expect much from myself this year (in a good way! In a just enjoy your life way!). Now that the first quarter of the year has passed, I feel I can make an assessment of it so far.
My goal for this year is, in theory, pretty simple: to think less. Think less as in less hyper-analizing everything I do, or worse, feel. Therapy is great, and it helped me extensively on getting to know myself better. But I feel it also highlighted my self-analyzing tendencies to the point that I wasn't able to feel things anymore without caracterizing them and searching for a why. Unfortunately it just makes whatever feeling there is getting drowned by assumptions and theories and yes, new feelings! Not the best outcome.
What I can say so far is: it is much easier said than done. Just yesterday I was ruminating on assumptions that would be better left as they are. Which means the path to no thoughts, head empty is still a long way to go.



I made a now page and I'm thinking about creating a changelog / colophon simply because I love to check out these kind of pages when I'm visiting other blogs / websites.

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