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Sports are fun. Graphic Design is cool. And when you combine these two is even better.

Back in 2015 and 2016, I was part of a Brazilian website dedicated to the NFL (which is the American league of American football) that was made entirely by women only, the NFL Luluzinha Club. A sports website run by women and American football are two things that are not very popular in Brazil, so being part of this project brought me a lot of joy and allowed me to create projects that weren't at all related to what I was doing professionally at the time (or today even)

My main goal was to create graphics for the website and social media accounts. One of our biggest projects was the creation of infographics, below are some examples of them. That was my first time creating infographics, and I 100% loved it and would do it again.

  1. introductory infographics explaining the rules of the game

  2. game

  1. introductory infographics explaining the roles of offensive positions

  2. rbs

  1. introductory infographics explaining the roles of defensive positions

  2. cbs

  1. countdown to the a season by giving an overview of each team

  2. teams

  1. weekly reviews of each round

  2. compacto