simone elisabete

Choosing Bear

When I started setting my goals for this website, defining the hosting became a big decision. The platform I chose would certainly influence the final product, as each has its own advantages and restrictions. I was aware of popular hosting sites such as Squarespace (which sponsors pretty much half of the Youtube videos I watch) or Wix. There was also the possibility of going full Wordpress, which may seem sort of outdated nowadays, but I'm already familiar with and has its value. And there are platforms like Framer, which is a hit with designers (like me) and is often behind the coolest portfolios I have ever seen.

In the end though, what really prevailed for me was the objectivity and simplicity of Bear. Customizable enough that I could edit the CSS and create a theme the way I wanted. With a posts and pages creation system simple enough that would allow me to create both in a very easy manner. I mean, Bear's first page lists all its goals and advantagens and you don't even have to scroll to see everything.

Bear to me is what I want more of in our web choices and habits. Smaller communities, not associated with big tech companies, that are not worried about the reach and the numbers of what they share, but the quality and the meaning of what they want to create and maintain.